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Restock – Makr Flap Wallet

We’ve received a restock of the Makr Flap Wallets in our Genuine Shell Cordovan.  These are available to ship next week, and only in very limited quantities.

Clockwise from the top right - Gunmetal, vintage brown, green, navy, ravello, and color #4.

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The Leather that has 3 Names

One of my favorite leathers, that sees relatively little production, is an article that we call Huntsmanor Waxed Flesh or French Waxed Calf.  I would define it as high performance suede, but it’s not suede at all.  This leather is made almost exactly the same way as our Chromexcel, instead we finish it on the flesh (or suede side).  This colors, waxes, seals, and lays the nap of the flesh flat.

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Upgrade: M & W Traveler

Sometimes you just have to see a product in person to do it justice.  I recently purchased a Laptop Briefcase from M&W Traveler, and this is an example of that scenario.  I’ve seen some pictures – both on their website and on some style forums – and the case definitely looks nice, but in person it’s really nice.  Rugged, refined, and really well built.  It’s big, almost too big for me, but only because I tend to fill up carry-on bags without fail.

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