Faces and Names

Ortega (29 years experience), Cordovan Dept.

Here are just a few of the tremendous guys that allow us to do what we do.

A special thank you to Brett Nadal for the great photos.

Luis and Billy, Hide House

Juan and Fortino (35 years experience), Splitting

Santiago (18 years experience) and Hugo, Pasting Dept,

Vinh, Finishing Dept.

Eddie (17 years experience), Cordovan Dept.

Pha (13 years experience) and Long (19 years experience), Finishing Dept.


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5 responses to “Faces and Names

  1. Great post, it’s good to see these craftsmen in action.

  2. sri

    A big “thank you” to all you wonderful folks at Horween Leather Co. You guys do a FANTASTIC job.

  3. The experience and skill these men have really shows in your product. Bravo!

  4. Mark

    Thank you for sharing this. And I thank them for their work!

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