Not So Plain (Toe Blucher)

We made a trip down to the Chicago Collective today – there was lots worth seeing (and plenty not worth seeing…).  We spent some time talking with Floyd, Barry, and Bob of Alden Shoe.

Alden PTB in Natural Chromexcel

The Plain Toe in Natural was easily my favorite object of the day, uncompromising bias aside.  There were a few new boot offerings and another version of the plain toe in brown.

PTB in Brown Chromexcel

From left to right: Chromexcel Indy (403), Classic Indy (405), Hand-Finished Chromexcel Boot, and a Moc Toe Boot in Walnut "Utica" (x2)

The boot on the right is yet to be named, and it is shown two ways – one with a black Vibram sole and the other with a white Vibram wedge sole.  Another look at the Utica Boot here.


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10 responses to “Not So Plain (Toe Blucher)

  1. Mitch

    Is that hand-finished chromexcel boot…for sale? Can you tell us anything about it?

    • It’s also Natural Chromexcel, on a plantation crepe sole (Barrie last, I believe). I’m not sure what Alden’s plans are for the boot – an email from an interested customer never hurts…

  2. Kalani

    I’m reaaaaaally liking those PTB’s. Fantastic. Thanks for the post!

  3. That second shoe is a beauty!

  4. sri

    Nick, those shoes and boots look terrific!

    I am buying *atleast* one pair of the chromexel indys once they hit the store. Those are simply brilliant.

    ps: Leffot has a small run of chromexel PTB in stock (no metal eyelets tho!):

  5. Marton

    That Alden PTB is sick! 😀 I need to copp a pair soon!

  6. Great site, I actually discovered it to be facinating. I am looking forward to returning once again to find out what is recent.

  7. It seems that the ShoeMart have the Natural Chromexcel 9501 (sadly out of stock in my size, and even more sadly don’t seem to be able to ship them internationally anyway).

  8. Those Indy boots with the Vibram soles look very interesting. . . and very appealing.

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