Cavalier Chromexcel

By request, an informative post regarding Chromexcel is forthcoming.  As a lead in, an introduction – Cavalier Chromexcel (and, yes, we make it in browns and black as well).  Check back in the coming weeks for a more comprehensive posting.  For comparison, the green loafer is our shell cordovan.


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16 responses to “Cavalier Chromexcel

  1. Are these all Highland and where do I copp these?

  2. Phil


  3. jon gaffney

    The boat shoe and loafer are sick!

  4. Rich

    Where can I get the blue boat shoe?

  5. Mark

    I love them. What would you say are the differences between chromexel and shell cordovan? They look so similar in the pictures. How do they both wear?

    I have a great pair of shell boots from Ron Rider and have been planning to have a pair of loafers made in shell, but might chromexcel be a better option?

    Thanks so much!

    • They are very different, but do share some processing techniques. Shell cordovan is straight vegetable tanned horsehide and Chromexcel is chrome tanned and vegetable retanned cowhide (usually).

      Both are great options, but will yield very different looking end products.

  6. Mark

    Thank you very much for your response.
    That Cavalier Chromexcel looks a lot like shell cordovan from the pictures above. Do they wear very differently over time? I would like something with the durability and shine of shell but with a little less noticeable creasing/waving.

    Thanks again!

    • The Cavalier will give you a normal break, not like the rolling creases you see with shell. Cavalier also has quite a bit of “pull-up” – that is, it lightens when creased.

  7. Mark

    Interesting. Thanks! Would the Cavalier be as shiny and as durable as shell?

  8. Mark

    Sorry, another question: how would they compare in terms of weather resistance too?

    Thanks again!

    • Shell will take a harder shine, and it’s extremely durable and abrasion resistant – more so than any cowhide.

      They are both quite water resistant, but the shell has a denser fiber structure, which edges the Cavalier out.

  9. Mark

    I really appreciate your thoughts!

  10. Lloyd

    RE: Cavalier Chromexcel has a nice shine.
    is the process of Cavalier different to other Chromexcel?

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