Bench-Made Boots

The now somewhat (in)famous Bowery Boots came through the building recently.  Sadly, only for color matching and construction reference purposes – I was unable to secure a pair for myself…  I wanted to show a few more looks at the boot just because it’s a truly US bench-made product.  I’m a big fan of the 1920’s feel to these.


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5 responses to “Bench-Made Boots

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  2. sri

    These boots are impossible to track down 😦 I tried last time and gave up. Hope they make more this time around.

  3. sri

    Forgot to add:

    I bought the $170 LL Bean katahdin engineer boots (made by chippewa) that look almost similar. They are probably the best welted boots I have seen at this price range.

  4. adease

    Still proud of these bad boys even tho now im at the Crew!

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