Blackhawks Win!


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3 responses to “Blackhawks Win!

  1. Sebastian

    What a great picture! Is it Bobby at the old Stadium?
    Hopefully they can repeat next season.
    Go Blackhawks!

  2. Michael

    Fantastic! The Golden Jet…. where is Stan Makita??? LOL

    Here is a trivia question for all you hockey fans.

    1. What was the WHA (World Hockey League) team that Bobby Hull left the Hawks for?

    2. Extra credit trivia: What 3 Blackhawk players in the 1960’s we traded together to the Boston Bruins for Pit Martin and 1 or 2 other Bruins.?

    Sorry I can’t stop…
    3. Extra…Extra credit, who where the goaltenders in the nets for the 7th game against the Montreal Canadiens (my home town team)

    I wish I could say the winner gets a free pair of Shell Cordovan boots 🙂

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