I recently received a pair of boots from Carmina and they are truly exquisite.  I’m particularly fond of the Albaladejo’s work because their finishing techniques leave the leather looking so natural.  Both the men’s and women’s collections are worth taking a look at.

Thank you very much Mr. Albaladejo and Betty!


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6 responses to “Perks

  1. Aleksandr

    It’s really great boot!

  2. Colin

    Gorgeous! Can anyone tell me which model and leather these are? Thanks.

  3. Jorge

    Awesome boots! I’ve been customer of carmina for many years. Their lasts are superb. I’ve found no other shoe that fits better. I have to buy these boots! By the way are you going to publish other brand’s boots as well to educate us with the beauty of shell made shoes? You should! Thank you!

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