Stefano B.

Back in October, before we visited Lineapelle, we were able to make a quick stopover in Florence.  We walked.  A lot.

For at least part of the day, we actually knew where we were going, and that was to visit the shops owned and operated by Stefano Bemer.

I first met Stefano before I joined the business.  My visit to his store many years ago was my introduction to custom shoe-making.  Even as a kid it was clear that this kind of business is different from others.  The cozy-but-almost-claustrophobic atmosphere of the shop, with the workroom in the back (of course), says it all.

Stefano on the right, and Mr. Gambini on the left.

Lunch. I did not need dinner.

Chromexcel Wholecut by Stefano Bemer


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9 responses to “Stefano B.

  1. Peter

    I really like the way his shop is so personal and warm. Great photos in capturing the feeling…
    Which camera do you use?
    Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Don

    Does he make anything in a double gore?

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  6. Great report! Florence has so many fantastic craftsmen!
    For example, Roberto Ugoliniis another shoemaker in Florence who makes beautiful bespoke shoes. When in Florence one should definitely visit both!

  7. AFJ

    great to have found your blog

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