Essex and Dublin

One of the challenges for us as tanners is to keep coming up with “new” leathers.  When we’re developing a leather it is usually because there is a customer that is asking for something specific.  Typically, the resulting leather ends up being a variation of an existing leather that has been designed and tanned to meet certain aesthetic and performance characteristics.  These demands change all the time and range widely – a leather needs to change to be waterproof, cementable, breathable, stronger, burnishable, softer, firmer, shinier, duller – the list goes on and the combinations are endless.

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721 LTD

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Through the Lens

Photos by Katie Hovland


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Through the Lens

Photos by David Oppenheimer


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Made in the USA


There’s been a good string of videos released lately.  Greg has been hands on through the whole process – I think the shoes look great.

Happy 4th a few days early.

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Loake Shoemakers

A good look at 4:45.


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A Century of Partnership

A special thank you to Allen Edmonds and Paul Grangaard for the kind words and taking the time to make the video.

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