Visvim Visits Chicago

Hiroki Nakamura was in the building on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  The guy is a real pleasure to be around and definitely has some very reasonable and specific sensibilities that you don’t run into as much as you’d like to.  I took a few photos while he was here, one of an amazingly nice leather jacket (that he has on in one of the shots), and another of a sample boot.  Note with the boot that the sole construction is going to be of higher quality and will include a skin stitch.

Hiroki in a Chromexcel Jacket - great design on the pockets, and the burgundy is special.

Hiroki in a Chromexcel Jacket - great design on the pockets, and the burgundy is special.

His time here included another tour and lots of questions about the manufacture of our leather.  It’s great to see a designer with an appreciation for all parts of the process, and it clearly gives him the knowledge to put out some great products.


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11 responses to “Visvim Visits Chicago

  1. This is incredible! This goes to show Hiroki’s dedication to quality. Man, this is why I love Visvim.

  2. Tell me about the design process? I want to see if we can work together. Right now we are focused on small mens accessories – a natural extension for us with ties would be to include belts. I love Horween history – great blog!

  3. Carl

    In the photo that shows three men conferencing at a desk, there is a great looking leather satchel on the desk. Is it available for purchase? If so, where? Thanks

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  5. now if only you could get some of this stuff in the US…

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  7. JCM

    You can get Visvim products at Union in Los Angeles. They carry a wide variety of Visvim products and recently received their first shipment of fall products.

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  9. could not aggree more. great post going to dig around and see what other stuff you have. Very Nice Blog!

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